William's Pear Brandy

This is a highly esteemed fruit brandy produced from the William's Pear, grown by using traditional methods on plantations in the unique region of Potkozarje. The distinctive region, exceptional recipe, and specially selected juicy fruits result in this masterpiece of brandy, widely present on luxurious European tables ever since the 19th century. It is consumed chilled.

Plantaže wines originate from one of the largest vineyards in Europe, with over 11 million grape vines covering almost 9 square miles. The vineyards are situated in the Ćemovsko polje, a flat and sunny area located south of Podgorica in Montenegro.


This autochtonous Montenegrin grape variety has been grown in Montenegro for centuries.

2006 Silver medal winner at Mundus Vini Festival in Neustad, Germany and numerous international "Golden Medal Awards"

Pairs well with red meat, spicy dishes, and fatty cheeses

Pro Corde

Vranac is an ancient red grape variety native to Montenegro and the Balkans. It is a relative of Plavac Mali which is the descendent of a naturally occuring hybrid of Zinfandel.

Aged for two years in French oak barrels, then bottle aged for one year

Pairs well with all red meat dishes, spicy and fatty dishes, prosciutto, and fatty cheeses


2008 Silver medal winner at Mundus Vini Festival in Neustad, Germany

Aged one year in stainless steel tanks

Pairs well with all red meats, prosciutto, hard cheeses, pastries, and desserts


Krstač is an autochtonous Montenegrin variety specific for its grape size and form of cluster resembling a cross, after which it took its name.

Golden yellow color with a greenish reflection

Aged one year in wooden barrels

Pairs well with all fish dishes, chowders, and white meats


Dark red and violet color, complex and pleasant aroma with a luxurious and harmonious taste.

Aged one year in a stainless steel tank

Pairs well with red meat, smoked prosciutto, and piquant cheeses

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Plum Brandy

The recognizable flavor and irresistible taste of Sljivovica (plum brandy) is accomplished by fermenting blue plums from the Potkozarje region and an ancient recipe. This brandy possesses originality and bears the stamp of tradition of centuries as well, as it is has been enjoyed in wealthy European feasts ever since the 19th century. With its bouquet, this brandy awakens the sense of privilege.

The geography and climate of north western Bosnia and Herzegovina provide the ideal conditions for producing the high quality fruits that are used to create Gazdina brandy.